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BRCA Breast Cancer Genes & Soy

Dr. Michael Greger discusses why soy consumption is associated with improved survival and lower recurrence rates in breast cancer patients.  Studies show soy phytonutrients appear to improve the expression of tumor-suppressing BRCA genes.

Dr. Greger makes the following observations:

  • We know that breast cancer survivors who eat soy foods, for example, have a significantly lower likelihood of the cancer recurrence. Eating soy foods appears to protect against the cancer coming back.
  • A 2012 review looked at three prospective human studies done to date, and found that women who ate the most soy had a 29% lower risk of dying from breast cancer, and a 36% lower risk of cancer recurrence.
  • A fourth study was since published, and it showed the same thing. “[S]oy food intake is associated with longer survival and lower recurrence among breast cancer patients.
  • With an average intake of soy phytonutrients above 17 milligrams a day, which is about what’s found in a single cup of soy milk, the mortality of breast cancer may be able to be reduced by as much as 38%.



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