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Research shows SSRIs reduce brain’s capacity to produce serotonin.

Are antidepressants more harmful than helpful?  Investigative journalist Robert Whitaker argued that psychiatric drugs are a largely ineffective way of treating mental illness.  According to CBC news,  Whitaker maintains that the foundation of modern psychiatry, the chemical imbalance model, is scientifically unproven.

“If you dig into the science behind it,” Whitaker told Michael Enright, host of The Sunday Edition on CBC Radio, “you’ll find out that it’s not true, and that this was a hypothesis that arose in the 1960s, that depression was due to low serotonin, and that it was investigated and found not to be true by the early 1980s. And there was subsequent research to see if this was so, and it never panned out.  Read the full story here:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/antidepressant-drugs-may-not-be-best-treatment-robert-whitaker-1.2667410

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