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A New Year, a New YOU!

A New Year, a New YOU!

As we enter this new year of 2013, we’ve all got “goals” if you will…not New Year’s resolutions as this may be too concrete for some of you. Do you have a goal on your list that revolves around your health? Are you committing to being more active with exercise, meditation, or general activity? Are you looking to not only shed those extra holiday pounds, but maintain a healthy weight? Has your significant other commented on your mood, irritability, or inability to focus on the task at hand? Your health is essential to living a satisfying and meaningful life. Maybe you’ve thought for a few years that it’s time to take control…do it now! Call 780.459.5996 to book your appointment and see Dr. Danny Thomas to discuss your challenges and goals.

Are you looking to make some changes in your health this year? Would you like to gain knowledge and understanding of your hormones and the effects that they have when they are not in balance?

Have you heard of thermography? A non invasive, non-contact and pain free monitoring method of breast health for women of any age. Do you have a history of breast cancer within your family? This exam is definitely for you, and will provide you with useful information related to your hormones and overall breast health. Call today to book an appointment at 780.459.4996.

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